Wood Pellet Flavor Guide for Your Traeger Grill

Traeger wood pellets

It is not enough to choose the right Traeger Grill, but the choice of wood pellets can impact the success and flavors of your barbecue. The grill flavors depend greatly on the type of wood pellet you use in the BBQ to grill or smoke your favorite meat.

For those of you who desperately want to master the nuances of smoke flavors that really spice up your food make your recipe stand out, we have prepared this wood pellet flavor guide so that you can have a perfect understanding of why we need certain pellets for certain food.

1. ALDER PELLET: It is a mild pellet with a hint of sweetness. They are known to be the most versatile ones because of this mildness in terms of flavor and aroma. Alder wood liberates a great amount smoke which does not overwhelm even the delicate flavors of fish, chicken etc. Bacon wrapped scallops are the best thing to try out with alder wood smokey flavor.

2. APPLE PELLET: Gives off a smoky, mild and fruity flavor. Apple pellets are usually used in poultry and pork. They are basically enhancing the meats that are of mild flavor. Try out smoke roasted apple pie in the apple pellet, you can imagine the awesomeness!

3. CHERRY PELLET: This pellet adds a strong flavor which is sweet but also tart. This one comes to use where you want to add that hearty smoke flavor. Do not miss out on the amazingly flavored marinated beef ribs if this is one you are planning to buy. This could be a solid choice for a gluten free BBQ or a vegetarian meal.

4. HICKORY PELLET: If you are one those who crave for the strongest of flavors then Hickory wood pellet is the right thing for you. This one is the most widely used as it compliments most of the meats giving off its strong, rich, smoky bacon like flavors. Some find it too strong and it leads them to mix hickory wood with apple or oak wood pellets. These pellets would make a solid choice for a good ‘ol tailgate cookout party.

5. MAPLE PELLET: Its Pork and Turkey that comes into our minds when talking about Maple wood pellets. They give a hint of sweetness to these meats that make them all the more delicious and mouth watering.

6. MESQUITE PELLET: This one is Texas’s favorite BBQ pellet. It gives off a strong smokey tangy and spicy flavor to foods. Recipes that are in need of that little “something extra” is in need of nothing but this wood pellet smoke to infuse them with its hearty smoke flavors. South Western stuffed peppers are must to try on Mesquite wood pellets.

7. OAK PELLET: This provides a middle ground flavor in terms of the smoke intensity. It is stronger than cherry and lighter than hickory smoke flavors thus giving off perfect and balanced flavors for fish and vegetables.

8. PECAN PELLET: Like spicy flavors? Pecan wood pellet will give you the perfect blend of nutty yet spicy flavors. They add great taste to the baked foods too. Beef and chicken taste best with Pecan smoke because of the balanced flavors they taste great with.

9. TENNESSE WHISKY PELLET: This pellet is for making the red meat taste perfect. A sweet and strong smoke that infuses the meat and gives a aromatic tang to please our senses.

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