Traeger TFB30LZB Tailgater 20 Series Freestanding Grill, Bronze



Are you a frequent traveler or the one who love to spend the weekends in natural surroundings, fishing or camping? If yes, then you might be looking for a mobile Traeger grill that can accompany you on all your excursions.

Your outdoors cooking needs can be easily taken care by the Traeger TFB30LZB Tailgater 20 Series Freestanding Grill available in Bronze color.

Here is a brief review of this Pallet grill which is the best company you need for memorable and tasteful weekends and vacations.

Benefits of Traeger TFB30LZB Tailgater 20 Series Freestanding Grill, Bronze

  • Portable pallet grill- The biggest advantage of this grill is that you can hook up it to your car or RV while you are travelling or going for an outdoor camp or fishing. It will not occupy any space in your vehicle.
  • Grill master- It is the efficient pallet grill that is so convenient to use and cook with that you will earn the title of grill master in the close sphere of your friends. This grill can cook almost anything you may need to have a tempting party at home or in a camp with your best buddies. If you are not a professional chef you will definitely feel like one after cooking with this pellet grill.
  • Easy to clean and maintain- This tailgater pallet grill is free standing. It is very easy to clean after every use. You can easily clean the ash and the smoke collected on the lid.
  • Compact and lightweight- You will love to win this compact and easy to move pallet grill that can go along with you virtually anywhere near or far.


  • It is supported by an automatic auger to control the temperature for perfect grilling of meat and veggies.
  • It has an electronic auto start that makes it reliable and cooking time becomes a fun time where you can set up the grill and relax to enjoy a cool drink.
  • The total grilling space is a 300-square inch to meet the needs of a small to medium family. You can cook from burgers to grilled vegetables and from small chunks of chicken to large beef portions with professional efficiency.
  • It comes with foldable legs, a perfect model to move along with your vehicle on a journey.
  • This Traeger pallet grill works well with pallets from any brand and not only from Traeger.


  • Not big enough for large parties or big families.


This smart and digitally controlled pallet grill is highly appreciated due to its versatility of cooking. 24 Amazon customers have bestowed this grill with 4.2 star rating.

Final words

This easy going portable Traeger pallet grill is dependable. The reasons are its efficiency to cook different meats and vegetable to a perfect flavor that only professional chefs can manage. It uses the least amount of fuel and keeps cooking for long durations.

No need to feed the pellets frequently. Its advanced digital control takes away the pressure of cooking so that you can relax in your free moments. This Traeger is a must have in your backyard and RV.

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