Traeger Black Wood Pellet Grill


Are you looking for a compact and easy to carry Traeger grill that can be easily tucked in the car rear?

If yes, then you will definitely need to look at the Traeger TFT17LLA PTG+ Wood Pellet Grill, Black. This is one of the best models of pellet grill with the capability to work like a convection oven. It cooks evenly while giving smoke kissed taste to your meat. Read ahead the benefits and features of this household cooking unit to get flavors like with a professional grill.

Benefits of Traeger Black Wood Pellet Grill

  • Even and Juicy meats cooked to perfection- The meats taste best when they are crispy and smoked from outside and juicy and tender from inside. With Traeger TFT17LLA PTG+ Wood Pellet Grill, Black in your home you will never get overcooked or undercooked meat. You can relish the tempting hardwood smoked flavor.
  • Portable- This grill is different from the ones we have already discussed. It doesn’t have the legs to make it free standing. It can be kept on a flat surface while cooking and can be carried easily from one place to another. Its portability is its strongest feature.
  • Economical with fuel- with the automatic augur you can keep the hardwood pellets burning slowly or fast depending upon the setting you have chosen. It runs on 300 watts in beginning and then consumes only 50 watts of power to sustain the temperature. Its electronic auto ignition makes this pellet grill hugely convenient.
  • Robust due to steel body- The Traeger TFT17LLA PTG+ Wood Pellet Grill, Black is made from superior quality steel that gives it strength and durability. It can handle any kind of rough and tough usage. Cleaning it is not a difficult chore


  • Its convection process with the help of augur and hardwood pellets makes it an outstanding grill for baking  and grilling
  • Has an inbuilt induction fan to smooth out the movement of hot air inside the grill so that the texture of food and the flavor is even.
  • It is equipped with a handy digital elite controller and an LED display to maintain your needed settings.
  • Temperature is easy to control. The transition between temperature levels is smooth to give lip smacking flavor to food. No fear of burnt food.
  • Automatic ignition and shutdown minimize the residual ash for better functioning of the gill.


  • Some people may find this grill difficult to use due to its structure since it has to be placed on a flat surface. It lacks the legs to make it freestanding.


This is great pellet grill with a different structure; still, it is appreciated for its temperature management and even cooking by many customers. It is given a 3.8-star rating by 74 Amazon Customers.

Final words

Keep this handy and portable hardwood pellet grill at your home. It will prove to be a good cookware for all your baking and grilling needs. It is strong, sturdy and a superb grill to cook a variety of meats, burgers and other grilled delicacies.

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