Summer Grilling Tips for Amateurs

Seasoned grilling aficionados can fire up a Traeger grill even in winter. They enjoy juicy meats and seafood whatever the season. But what if you’re just a beginner.

How do I get started in grilling as an amateur?

Here are some no-nonsense tips to help you get started with grilling.

The Well Oiled Grill

Remember that fruits and vegetables are more delicate that meat, and do not contain as much fat. For these reasons, it’s important to keep the grill clean and oil it well to prevent the food from sticking to the grill.

Fun Grilling Ideas

*For grilling Portobellos start by soaking them in your favorite marinade before hand. Start cooking themushrooms on the cooler part of the grill. This will allow them to get warm and juicy all the way through without burning on the outside. Once they are soft all the way through sear them on the high-heat section of he grill for about a minute per side. Serve these giant ‘shrooms the same way your would a burger.

*Pizza on the will develop a crust that’s creispy on the edges and chewy in the middle, with a marvelous smoky flavor that tastes even better than a pizza from those wood-fired ovens in upscale restaurants.

*Do not grill corn ears in foil, it will cause them to lose their flavor. Soaking them(left in the husks) in water before you grill them will make them steam themselves to perfection.

*Cut onions in quarters (cut out the core), then add some crushed garlic and the flavored salt you like,
wrap several strips of bacon around each one and put in heavy duty foil to cook for 35 minutes.


*Soak your meat in a salty or acidic brine or marinate. This will keep the meat moist.

*Let the done meats stand 10-15 minutes to let the juices redistribute.

*Blot off the meat before it meets the heat. Otherwise it’s boiling, steaming and braising — not grilling.

*For sweeter tender ribs, cut the thin membrane off the back of the ribs, it takes the bitter taste out. It may take a little extra time….but well worth it!

* If you don’t want your hamburgers to shrink make sure you have chosen the better quality of meat.

For more ideas, check out more recipe ideas for grilling.

Photo by Craig Dennis from Pexels

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