Seafood Ideas for a Backyard BBQ

Enlighten your backyard BBQ repertoire by replacing steaks, chicken, burgers, and hot dogs with seafood. Shrimp, lobster, skewers, and scallops make good grilling seafood. You can never go wrong with grilling seafood with different seasoning ingredients.

Always remember to oil the cooking grills and closely monitor the food because seafood cooks in few minutes.

Here are the 5 best seafood ideas for a backyard BBQ for you.

1. Grilled Jumbo Shrimp with Apple Skewers

The secret of making this meal delicious is by marinating it with delicious herbs. Shrimp cooks very fast, and you need to monitor it until it is well cooked. Remember not to overcook shrimp because it is tastier when crunchy. You will need honey, olive oil, fresh basil, strawberry jam, red pepper, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, white sugar, gala apples and jumbo shrimp. Blend these ingredients and place the apples and shrimp in a bag and seal. Marinate it for 30 minutes. Grill the jumbo shrimps, cook for about 5 minutes and serve it with rice or noodles.

2. Grilled Lobster Tails

Grilled lobster is good for any occasion in the backyard of your house. You do not need any experience in grilling the lobster tails. Seasoning the lobster tails with garlic and lemon
makes it so delicious. You will need lemon juice, olive oil, salt, paprika, garlic powder, pepper, and raw lobster tails. Whisk these ingredients on the lobster as its cooks. It will get ready within 10-12 minutes, and you will enjoy the meal with your family or friends.

3. Citrus Swordfish with Citrus Salsa

This is a yummy and delicious BBQ that takes only 25 minutes. Citrus salsa seasoning makes it a good meal for summer. You will need an orange, canned pineapple chunks, fresh mango, olive oil, cayenne pepper, fresh cilantro, and swordfish steaks. The salsa is made from mixing all the ingredients and marinating the swordfish for 30 minutes. Grill for at least 12 minutes and enjoy your delicious grilled seafood.

4. Grilled Tuna Teriyaki

Tuna is a delicious meal, especially when not overcooked because tuna can easily dry. Just like other sea foods, it cooks within a short period. You will need soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, minced ginger root, garlic, vegetable oil and tuna steaks. Mix these ingredients and marinate the tuna steaks for 30 minutes. Whisk the oil on the marinated tuna steak and grill it on a preheated grill until it is ready.

5. Grilled Salmon with Curried Peach Sauce

Adding the peach sauce into salmon steak makes it so delicious. This is a simple meal to enjoy any day with your friends and family. You will need fresh peeled and diced peaches, honey, curry powder, salt, pepper, and salmon steaks. Mix these ingredients with the peaches and simmer for 10 minutes and add the salmon steak. Add salt and pepper to season the salmon steak. Grill for 7 minutes and serve hot and enjoy your meal.

These are our best seafood ideas that you can easily cook with your preferred Traeger Grill. Seafood meals have a lot for you in store to enjoy and to liven your backyard cookout.

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