We love America. We love steaks. And there’s nothing more American than perfectly grilled steak with a Lone Star beer in your hand. This is how you do American BBQ.

Featured: the Traeger Grill

We’ve tried it all. Gas grills. Charcoal grills. But nothing beats the unique taste of a pellet grill, and the Traeger is the king of the wood pellet grill. If you don’t have one this summer, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect grilling beast for you!

If you’ve already got one, then check out these useful grilling guides:

Get Ready for Outdoor Grilling This Summer
Grilling is the best way to relax and enjoy the benefits of healthy eating, but there are so many ways
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How To Clean a Traeger Grill
If you decide to purchase a grill after checking out our Traeger grill review, then you’re making a lifetime investment.
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How to Enjoy Grilling and Barbecuing
Grilling or barbecuing is one of the common American traditions enjoyed by many families every year. Whether it is a
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How to Start a Traeger Grill
If you’re a Barbecue aficionado, a wood pellet grill is your surest bet to getting well flavored smoked meat. Traeger
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Traeger wood pellets
Wood Pellet Flavor Guide for Your Traeger Grill
It is not enough to choose the right Traeger Grill, but the choice of wood pellets can impact the success
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grilling safe
Grilling Out the Healthy Way
Anyone who is trying to lose weight tends to have a love affair with the grill during the summer months.
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BBQ Recipes

A grill is nothing without the good stuff. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian or swing both ways, we feel everyone can enjoy the benefits of good ol’ American BBQ. Try out our favorite recipes:

cook grilled pork chops
It’s Bulking Season – Easy to Make BBQ Pork Chops
Every day is bulking season! Need protein and real meat in your diet? Try this meal combo – just don’t
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3 grilled fish recipes
3 Quick Grilled Fish Recipes
Try these tasty recipes for grilling fish! They work for gas or charcoal, whatever your preference. Barbecued Catfish Make the
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bbq rub recipe
Easy to Make – BBQ and Grilling Rub Recipe
There are many different variations of both barbecue rubs and seasonings used for grilling. Traditionally, rubs are used when the
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how to sangria recipe
Easy To Make – Drink Ideas for Backyard BBQ
Planning a trip to the beach or backyard BBQ? Here are fun, festive inexpensive recipes for refreshing fruity coolers. Beat
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bbq chicken
Easy To Cook Now – Brown Sugar BBQ Chicken Recipe
Ingredients 2-2½ pounds chicken thighs 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil ½ cup original BBQ sauce (or whatever flavor you
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spring easter lamp recipe
Quick Recipe for Grilled Spring Easter Lamb
Easter is a celebration of spring, rebirth and everything that’s beautiful in nature. What better way to celebrate than enjoy
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