Mommy’s Favorite Tuna Mac Salad

Here is a fabulous recipe for tuna macaroni salad handed down to me by my mother – may she rest in peace! She taught me a few that I still use today and this is one of my favorites. My kids love it too and I have already taught my own daughter how to make it.

I use this tuna recipe for office potluck celebrations, parties, holiday backyard extravaganzas and BBQ’s. It is always a hit. I love it during the summer since it is light and fresh. I often serve it at home for lighter summer meals and is perfect with the right beverage.

This is relatively inexpensive to make and it can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. Many will say it is the best side dish they had at your next shindig!

First, boil the elbow macaroni with a pinch of salt and a splash of oil. The oil helps the pasta to not stick together in the pot. It’s a tip my mom taught me when I was growing up.

While the macaroni is boiling in the pot, drain a can of white meat tuna and put it into a large bowl. Add in your mayonnaise (any variety or brand) – add more if you like it creamy or less if you like it dryer. it’s up to you how you would like to make it.

Then add in finely chopped celery, salt and pepper. Some add finely chopped onions too, but that depends on your tastes. You can also add in diced green peppers and shaved carrots.

Drain the pasta thoroughly and add to the large mixing bowl. Mix all your ingredients together until the mayonnaise is thoroughly blended.

Serve and Enjoy at your potluck celebration, office party, or barbeque.

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