Make a Grilling Gift Basket

Home-grilled steaks or burgers are a perennial favorite among chefs of all skill levels.
The next time you need to give a gift, bestow a grilling gift basket on some lucky recipient. Perfect as hostess gift, a birthday gift or a simple “thank you,” it’s sure to be a hit.

The gift can be as big or small as you like. In addition, you can make a basket that fits any budget.

First, choose a container. Container ideas include a standard woven basket, a large bowl or another unusual container. How ’bout a tin tub perfect for icing down cold beers or sodas on a hot summer day?

If you’re on a budget, use a simple container, such as a cardboard box. Cover the box with wrapping paper to give it a chic look. You can also theme your gift by using wrapping paper that reads “Thank you,” “Celebrate,” or “Happy Holidays,” etc.

Line the container with grilling-themed towels, mitts or a table cloth. Or use store-bought gift shredding in a bright color that coordinates with your container. You’ll be surprised at the variety available at local craft or gift stores.

Next, choose items to include in your gift. You can use gourmet items bought at a high-end retailer or simple everyday fare from your local grocer.

The array of grilling items is endless. You’ll get many ideas just strolling along store aisles.

Must-have items to include are steak sauces, marinades, specialty seasonings for meat and barbecue sauces. Don’t forget a nice set of grilling utensils or some accessories.

Additional items to add to your container are rubs for poultry, steak and fish.

If your gift will be delivered in person, you could include perishable foods as well, such as custom-cut filets, ribeyes or a simple pack of lean hamburger meat. You can also add fresh vegetables – always a grilling favorite.

To enlarge the gift, add more varieties of marinades, sauces or snack foods. Ears of corn and a set of corn holders would make a pleasant and appreciated addition.

You may want to add serving utensils, a stack of napkins or shish kabob skewers as an added treat.

For the adult who loves a cool drink while working over a hot grill, add a 6-pack of beer or soft drinks.

Place all of your items in the container. Remember to place larger packages in the back so smaller items can be seen.

Wrap the entire present in clear cellophane, bringing the edges together at the top. Securely close with wire or curling ribbon.

Finally, decorate your gift with trimmings.

Tie a large coordinating bow at the top allowing the ends of the ribbon to stream down. Snip the ribbon ends with scissors for a finished effect.

For a custom look, tie a themed ornament into the bow. A clever idea is using a steak-shaped dog toy (cheap and cute!).

Now that you’re finished creating your gift, some lucky fellow is ready to burn, baby, burn!

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