Grill Safely with These Easy Tips



We have finally gotten rid of all of that ugly cold weather and summer is right around the corner. Part of the enjoyment of summer is grilling outdoors. Nothing matches that great grilled taste that you get when cooking something on the barbecue grill. But to make sure that you stay safe while engaging in this activity, follow the simple steps presented below.

Keep Grill At A Safe Distance

Be sure that you are not too close to buildings, bushes, trees or cars when you are grilling. You should really have a minimum five to ten foot distance between those things and your grill. When you start the fire, be sure that there is nothing close by that might get caught as the flames shoot up from the grill during this starting period. This also applies to when you are cooking any kind of meat that might drip grease or splatter. You do not want anything close by that could catch fire. It should go without saying that you should never grill indoors, in the garage or on a covered porch. You should always have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case.

Keep Kids and Pets Away

Make sure that all kids and pets stay far away from the grill. The pets certainly will not realize that it is hot and the kids may not either. So, keep both of them far away, not only during cooking but for a time afterward until the grill cools down completely.

Protect Yourself

Wear clothing that will not hang into the grill area as you are working with the grill and food. This could easily ignite due to the flames and heat. Wear heavy oven mitts and long handled tongs to work with the grill so as to protect your hands and lower arms. Any splash of grease or spark from the fire could easily burn you if you are not protected.

Do Not Leave Grill Unattended

Never walk away from the grill and leave it unattended. It can only take an instant for something nasty to happen. You will want to have all of your food and utensils with you when you begin. If, for some reason, you must leave the grill, get someone else to stand in until you return.

Follow Grill Directions

Read over the instructions thoroughly if this is a new grill. Many different manufacturers build different features into their grills. It is important to read and understand their recommendations before you begin to grill. Heed all safety warnings and safety measures which they provide in the manual. Also, check the grill frequently for loose parts or any types of leaks that may occur over a period of time. If you have a propane grill and it is leaking, call a professional immediately to have it repaired.

The grilling season will be here very shortly. It is always a fun and exciting time.

Read the above steps over carefully and remember them. In this way you will have a safe and happy summer grilling season.

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