Grill Healthier Steaks

Summertime is in full swing and grills are heating up in backyards all over the country. Grilling is a basic culinary cooking technique that requires little creativity but tons of technique. Following the rules of the pros is sure to serve up perfect steaks and grilled veggies for your family this summer.

Have the proper equipment. Be mindful of tips on cancer prevention.

True grilling variety requires both a gas and charcoal grill. Gas grills are convenient but limit the “smokability” of grilling. Charcoal grills are needed for lower grilling temperatures and smoking techniques. Always keep your grill clean and always allow it to heat up thoroughly. Always use a hot grill.

Control the fire.

When grilling make three zones of varying heat: hot for initial searing, medium heat for cooking, and a cool zone for resting or and flare-up removal. If your grill flame has a flare-up, remove the meat and place it on the cool zone until the flare-up has tamed.

Keep on eye on the fire and the meat to prevent flare-ups and unnecessary disruption of the grilling process.

Know which steak to choose.

Steak textures should be firm to the touch with a light red color. Avoid dark red and graying steaks.

Look for tons of marbling, which is what gives the steak its flavor.

Know your meat.

Ribs should always be cooked low and slow. For grilling steaks, low heat is used for extremely thick steaks. Otherwise, your result will be a burnt outside and raw inside. Always sear thinner steaks on high heat and let them rest for 10 minutes.

Beer is a healthy friend.

The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry published a study in 2008 that proved that the malt and hops in beer reduces cancer-causing compounds that result in grilling. Use a dark beer as a marinade for a depth to the flavor dimensions of your steaks.

Over-done is not referring to simple cook time.

Steaks only require salt and pepper. Piling toppings on a well-grilled burger will mask the exquisite flavor of the meat. If you must add a dimension other than a marinade to your skewers, try swapping the bamboo sticks out for rosemary or lemongrass sprigs. Take extra care in using pre-packaged seasonings since they are notorious for their high sodium content.

Don’t lose your flavor.

Resist the temptation to press your meat flat on the grill. Pressing meat results in pressing out all of the flavor and oils, as well as creating flare-ups that will burn the meat. Cutting into a steak to check its doneness loses the juices as well as the flavors. If required, use a thermometer, and get to know the different “feel” of each degree of doneness.

Keep the sauce to a minimum.

Adding sauce is easier than removing it. Put the sauce on the side and allow the meat to be the star of the meal. Never add glazes at the beginning of grilling, this will result in burnt glaze. Another alternative way is to use healthier sauces.

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