Grill 3 Times More Chicken on Your Gas or Charcoal, Grill or Smoker!

There’s nothing like a warm country day, blue skies, cool breeze…and wood smokin’, getting ready for grilling, when you find out you got too much meat for the grill. Too much for the grill, but just enough for the guest, right?

Well, this precarious situation gives you few choices, that is until now.

You could broil or bake whats left in the oven, but then that’s not grillin’. Half of the guest suffer undue punishment as a result, and who knows, maybe a fight breaks out over the last good chicken leg and somebody gets hurt.

Maybe you cook in shifts and keep the other half warm in the oven while waiting for the meat to cook.

But by the time it’s all cooked, everybody’s ready to cut out right after eating. Surely there must be a better way. Well, now there is.

Start out by loading your charcoal grill with briquettes, or firing up your gas grill and add hickory, mesquite or other wood, if you want your meat smoked that is. Check out this flavor guide on wood pellets.

For a better way to cook your bird for maximum tenderness and taste, check out this article on: Turn Your Gas or Charcoal, Smoker or Grill into a Convection Oven. You will definitely want to use the technique in this article when convection grilling.

This method works best with leg and thigh quarters and breast or wings, not just breast or wings. You’ll understand why in a minute.

After setting up your grill as stated in the turn your grill into a convection oven article, grab the first leg and thigh quarter and stand it vertical against the back end of the rack, propped against the back end a of the grill.

Start at the outer edge of the rack and work each column forward, stacking the bird pieces against each other piece standing vertically. Try and configure the parts in an “X” shape, staggering to the left and then to the right for maximum affect. When finished, you should have room for a vegetable or potatoes or maybe some pork-n-beans as well.

When cooked to the specified time in the above mentioned article, the meat should practically fall off the bone. And everybody will be happily eating at the same time the bird is pulled from the grill. This works excellent with the Grilled Lemon Chicken article here.

For a great side dish, try the classic corn on the cob recipe found here. Or another classic – the good ‘ol American cheese sandwich.

Well, that’s it. Let me know how it turned out by posting a comment below, and many happy cook-outs to ya!

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