Corn on the Cob on the Grill: Preparation and Seasoning Tips

Corn on the cob on the grill is what I like to call a “fun food” because it requires you to actually hold it in your hands for one thing, as opposed to poking at it daintily with a fork, and it also requires you to more or less bury your face in it to eat it properly.

The result? Yes.

A very corny smile.

Moving on, so short of heading out to the nearest carnival, how should we go about making corn on the cob on the grill at home? It really couldn’t be simpler.


1. Get yourself a bunch of fresh whole corn cobs with the husks still on them.

2. Peel the layers of tough, green husk down from the corncob, but avoid severing them altogether. We’ll need them later.

3. Remove the soft strands of corn silk at the top.

4. Butter the corn cobs generously. This is not really a time to opt for low fat-the corn tends to cook better with the more butter.

5. Roll the corn husks back over the corn so that it is wrapped up–something like a party favor or a piece of candy. You can use a small strip of husk to tie off the ends if you wish. Whatever way you do it, in any case, make sure the corn cob is wrapped up in corn husk.

6. Grill them on medium to medium high heat for about 10-15 minutes. You can also lower the heat and cook them longer in order to give them a more smoked flavor. Just make sure the corn husks aren’t burning off as this would result in the corn burning.

7. Remove the corn from the grill when ready, and take off what’s left of the husks. Serve!


Rub your hands together, fellows. Here’s the part where you can get really creative. Salt, pepper and butter are the most basic seasonings (or try something exotic) for corn on the cob on the grill-and they are delicious-but here are some other add-ons.

–lightly sprinkled brown sugar

–lemon or lime–with salt

–chili peppers

–salad dressing of your choice–honey mustard is really good!

–olive oil and vinegar–with salt and pepper

–balsamic vinegar

–curry powder or seasoning–for an Indian flair

–shredded cheese-put it on while the corn on the cob is still hot off the grill so that it will melt

–hot sauce-always adds a kick!

Incidentally, this is by no means the end-all list for corn on the cob on the grill seasoning options either. Let it spark your imagination please, and come up with your own unique flavors for your corn on the cob on the grill. In all likelihood, you’ll find the whole party going back to the grill for more than one ear to try out different flavors, or even portioning off their corn cob for a double flavor combo.

See why I call it “fun food”?

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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