Battle of the Grilled Foods

As summer approaches, the buzz around my house is upcoming BBQ events. We find any excuse to have people over for a BBQ and if that means they want to bring something to be cooked then the battle begins. For whatever reason, with our friends it’s always a battle over who’s grilled meat is better.

It can be burgers and dogs with potato salad, fries, chips and various dips or actual BBQ things like chicken or ribs. Whatever you grill, always consider safety first!

A house favorite is chicken fajitas. Easy enough for those beginners, get some dry Italian salad dressing and the ingredients to make it. Mix that up with a packet of fajita seasonings in a large bag or Tupperware so you can marinate the chicken for a few hours or overnight.

Cut thawed or butcher fresh chicken breast into thin strips and put into marinade, let it hang out for however long you have. Keep in mind, the longer the better!

When you deem it ready, put it on the grill and let it cook until done. You can slice up some bell peppers and onions to toss onto the grill with the chicken for more authentic fajitas.

I’m a more simple animal, I’m game for good burgers. My mix usually has some A1 sauce or Worcestershire sauce, minced onion, garlic powder or minced garlic, and of course salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll use seasoned salt if I’m out of some of the other seasonings.

Mix those into your meat and form into burgers. You can put in some blue cheese, feta cheese, or any other kind of cheese if you are looking to get a smile out of those you are cooking for. Burgers are almost always a winner.

To make a gathering more fun, especially if there is a challenge at the grill, make it a luau! Dress up the place with some tiki torches, some fresh fruit, grass skirts, and some festive drinks. If there are kids around, go with a punch. Pick a sherbet from the ice cream section and a lemon-lime soda, mix the two in a punch bowl and call it good! You can also throw in some fruit to accompany the sherbet or freeze some juice in an ice cube tray to add to the cups.

For adults, of course there are margaritas, piña coladas or a lava flow. Lava flows are easy to make, layer strawberry daiquiri and piña colada.

Maybe we are just those random people where everything becomes a competition. I think we are ok with that. Nothing gets pushed past the limits of fun.

Everything is in the name of fun and as long as everyone is have a good time, responsibly, then we take full advantage of a good time!

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