Basic Grilling Tips

With spring upon us, it is time to fire up the grill and do some outdoor cooking. There are many types of grills out there, and as any cook will tell you, grilled food is better than food cooked indoors on a stove top. Grilled meats can be healthier for you as well.

Here are some tips in making your grill cooking a success!

Know what you are cooking and know the proper recipe. It is important to know what you are cooking and be sure to know what recipe you are intending to use. This will help you to have the right ingredients on hand and it will also help you to prepare the grill properly for your patented grilling recipes.

Don’t hurry. Do not try to rush your cooking time. A grill needs to be properly heated before you start cooking your food. A charcoal grill is especially important to watch as the coating on the briquettes are a light ash gray. A gas grill should be at least 500 degrees Fahrenheit before you put the food onto the grill. Foods need to cook at the right temperature to cook properly.

Forget the Fork. Many people feel they must poke the meat on a grill with a fork, but this is not a good idea. Poking holes in the meat will allow the juices and flavors to flow out of the meat and will cause it to dry out and change the flavor. Keep the fork inside because you do not need it unless you are going to use it for veggies or something else. Never use the fork with the meat on the grill!

Slow the Spatula. Another utensil that many grill cooks overuse is the spatula. A spatula can be used but just be cautious as to how much you use it. I recommend that you only turn your food once on the grill, unless your recipe states to flip it more than that. Also, do not use the spatula to squeeze the juices and stuff out of the meat while cooking burgers for example. This utensil, like the fork, will only cause the meat to be dry and not as tasty!

Lids Lowered. Yes, lids are important while grilling and they need to be kept down. When the lid is lifted, the heat escapes and it will take some time to regain that heat. This means a longer cooking time for any meal. Also, keeping the lid lowered will help to prevent flare-ups and will just give you an all around better cooking time.

Moisturize your food. Remember that the food is going to cook and that you are wasting the cooking spray or oil if it is not on the food. Spray a light coat of oil onto the food. This procedure will aid in browning the meats as well as avoiding the initial sticking of the food to the grill. Many people will spray the grill and not the meat, but that is not really doing anything for your cooking process. The meat will be much more moist if you spray the oil onto the meat.

It is possible to have a perfect grilling experience if you follow these guidelines and cook the foods the way you should.Invite a few friends over and try this on the next nice sunny warm weekend.

Before long, you will be the grilling pro that everyone is asking to cook at the next cookout!

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