Arts and Crafts for kids: Grill Recipe Apron

This Father’s Day gift I an apron covered in recipes that Dad can use on the grill. So, if your Dad loves to spend time with the grill, then I think he would love to get this grilling recipes apron from the kids!

If Dad has some favorite recipes he already uses when he is outdoors grilling, then be sure to include them on the Father’s Day craft apron!

Kids as young as 7 to 8 should be able to easily make their own Father’s Day apron. Younger kids may need to find another homemade gift to make Dad.

To Make a Homemade Father’s Day Gift Grill Apron Kids Will Need:

  • 1 Plain canvas apron
  • Puff paint pens
  • Fabric paint pens
  • Grill recipes
  • Pencil
  • Chalk

So, the first thing to do is wash the new canvas apron. This is important so that your fabric paints can adhere properly. While the apron is washing have the kids work on compiling grill recipes for Dad.

If you are going to use any of Dad’s own recipes for this Father’s Day craft, then make sure it is not a top secret recipe because everyone will be able to see it now!

So, once the canvas apron has dried have the kids take some chalk or even a pencil and start writing the recipes out on the apron. Have them write the title and then write in the rest of the grill recipe.

Chalk will wash off, so it is really great to use on this craft project. Pencil is fine as well.

Now, once all the recipes have been written on the front of the apron have the kids started painting them in. Puff paint will work really well for writing the grill recipes. Fabric paint pens also work well on canvas aprons.

I do not recommend using paint burses and fabric paint in tubes because they will be time consuming and hard to read.

Under the recipe title they can write the ingredients, then any instructions.

There are so many ways to get creative with this Father’s Day craft project. You could really let more than one child make a Father’s Day apron and no two would be alike.

Now, I think it looks good to have the titles of the grill recipes be about 2 inches tall and the actual ingredients and instructions be about one inch tall. This is up to the kids though. The words really can be as large or as small as they want.

You could also have the kids organize the grill recipes on the apron with color. Have one recipe be one color, then another a different color. You do want Dad to be able to read and use the recipes!

So, the only other real tip I can think to give you when making this Father’s Day apron is to include as many kinds of recipes as possible.

Don’t forget corn on the cob, grilled fish, and the classic steak!

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